Phonics Flash Cards

On the flip side of these pictures you will find 8 consonant sounds, 6 vowel sounds, 4 special English sounds, and 2 r-affected vowel sounds.

What makes these 20 sounds tough? There are so many different letters that “make” them. Explanation: There are 46 sounds in English. A sound like “b as in bat” is easy. “B” is the only letter that can make the first sound in bat.

“A as in the letter name” and “j as in jam” are a whole different story. 5 different letters or letter groups can make the j sound. There are twice as many letters that can produce the “A” sound. A and j sounds have a lot more room for confusion. Sounds like these are covered on the phonics flash cards.

How we play with the cards. We printed out the phonics flash cards on the double sided print setting. After covering the cards with packing tape (the kind without strings) we play concentration at our house.

To play: arrange all the cards in rows, letter(s) side up. In their turn, each player tries to flip over pairs of cards with matching pictures. Matches are kept by the player. Cards that don’t match when turned over are flipped back so that only the letter show. When all the cards are gone, the player with the most matches wins.
Here are the sounds covered in the flash cards:

Format: Sound “as in” name of card photo: letters to spell sound

1. f as in fish: f, ph, gh
2. g as in Grammie: g, gh, gu or gue
3. j as in jaguar, ge, gy, gi, dge
4. k as in kite: k, ck, c, ch, que
5. n as in night: n, kn, gn
6. r as in rabbit: r, wr, rh
7. s as in sunset : s, ce, ci, cy, se, ss
8. u as in umbrella: u, ou in ough, o
9. z as in zebra: z, s, se
10. A as in ape: ai, ay, a, ei, ey, eigh, a_e, a in ange/ aste, ea
11. E as in eagle: ea, ee, e, ey, ie, e_e
12. I as in ice: i, ie, y, igh, i_e
14. U as in U-turn: u_e, oo, ue, ui, ew
15. sh as in ship: sh, ci, ti, si, ch
16. aw as in autumn: aw, au, ough, augh
17. oo as in “the owl says OOO”: oo, u, ew, ui, ough, ou

18. oo as in “uhps!” (ie. cook, foot): oo, u in ull/ ush
19. er as in Earth: ur, er, ir, ear
20. or as in oar: or, our, ore, oor

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