Teach Phonics in Half the Time with Twice the Impact

If you want your child, children or class to be reading well beyond their grade level way ahead of time, look no farther, this website is for you.

Is your student struggling with standard programs? Are you simply in search of a better, faster way for them to learn? Phonics can work for you.

These key factors have been proven over and over to accelerate reading in children of all ages. In fact, word placement cues have been known to improve reading rules by 75% since 1966.  This fact has been confirmed many times over since then. Make a change for the better, try phonics.

Get phonics flashcards  Start on worksheets

Breeze through early reader book

See new rules at work in basic phonics rules.

Grow vocabularies with out loud reading 

Get questions answered in how to teach 

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