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English Decoder Phonics

- A more accurate and comprehensive phonics system than the $200+ program that could swallow-up your living room

- that uses Proverbs as text

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English Decoder Phonics:

1. Our 95% accurate phonics rules make better readers, faster.
2. Two well known studies back our accuracy improvements.
3. Only supported, reproducible, full program under $50 we've seen.
4. There are only 12, count 'em: 12, sight words. Hurray!
5. I get a lot of "I love the colors and pictures" comments. You may be the very next one to make this comment that makes us smile.

Bonus Reason: You get to read about our favorite pet, City Mouse. He's in the back of the free bonus book Beyond Basics that comes with every purchase.

God Bless

Deborah Scott

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