Reading Environments You and Your Kids Can Love.

Our favorite reading environments? The first one is in the children's book; Streets of Gold. This is a story about a Russian girl who learned to read on her father's wagon seat. He would just pull out a book and begin a lesson after they had gathered wild mushrooms. The ease of the whole event seemed so wonderfully attractive - for parent and child.

I promise not to gather wild mushrooms. Have no fear if you come to eat at my house.

We are a little short of wagon seats too.

Despite this lack of nostalgic furniture we have still really enjoyed reading in some pretty places- usually with 1 book no moving parts.

When we made our phonics program, the idea of pleasantness for all (teacher and learner) stuck in my mind.

When I showed friends the first edition I heard "I love the colors". I think a pretty book will stay on the coffee table more often.

Easy access means used more often.

After leaving a reading environment enjoyed by Mom and kiddos head to the kitchen for lemon icees.

Our favorite:Just lemon juice, ice and sugar (Sorry no amounts I tend to work by eyeball. It's hard to write down)

We have done a good bit of reading out loud in the treehouse. I don't think we have every done a phonics lesson there though. Still is nice reading spot.

You may recognize the treehouse from English Decoder Worksheets In Real life. This was a fun project we all tackled. Our neighbor came over during construction and pretended to be surprised that we were not building a bedroom. "I figured you finally ran out of room."

I like to think of our way of reading as outside the box. As I consider how reading often took place in the past we are really just returning to normal. Ann Bradstreet learned to read by the fire in the evenings. Her education was tutoring in the library. A judge in an early Kansas settlement learned his letters when a neighbor wrote them in front of the cookstove -in the floor. I am not missing that setting : ), but the no moving parts description certainly fits.

The accuracy of english decoder makes the process stress free. I am really happy when I can recite a rule to help a child with something new without my book handy. Reading seems very everyday and matter of fact to the little person asking for help- Very unintimidating. It helps them to keep their mind on whatever interesting topic they were hoping to learn more about and not decoding.

This page is more of a tour than a cohesive article. Still, hope you enjoyed the settings that have inspired our reading.

God Bless, and Read On!

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