If You Are Raising Boys, Standard Phonics Is
Failing You

Those of us raising boys need to know that standard phonics:

  1. makes followers not leaders.
  2. is too slow, and
  3. stunts mechanical thinkers (who tend to be boys)

Too many memory words stunts independence in kids.

Some popular phonics programs list up to 200 sight words! This is unreal.

Reading a memorized word means parroting what was taught by someone else. This is too much following. It makes a person dependent on someone else to teach them.

students will need:

  • to be able to gather new information and break new ground.
  • to tackle new vocabularies on their own.

 The fostered dependency is more likely to stunt the independence and development of boys.  They may discard school all together and just forge off on their own without the tools and skills needed.

A heart wrenching statistic bears this out:  one of the largest groups reading a popular phonics site is people under 18 years old!!!   That mean kids are out there looking for what they need to read on their own.  How many are boys?  I don't know, but a giant chunk of young people are highly dissatisfied with Read Here Dummy, repeat after me words.

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Lack of speed is the second way standard phonics fails boys.

Reading instruction for young boys should be nearly spontaneous. Second best is exceedingly fast.  Programs cluttered with ideas like syllable, prefix and suffix, and consonant/ vowel sounds bog boys down.  They should learn these things later, certainly.  When they can read about them.

What language has the same repeating 300 words as its largest component?

If language is dumbed down then sight words would make sense. You could understand most wiriting with a handful of words. If we teach sight words for a few decades then our collective written vocabulary is likely to shrink. Not to alarm you but making language dumb makes students dumb too. 

The mechanical thinker needs to know precisely how letters and sounds fit together. Standard phonics is pretty inaccurate. Most estimate show that it only works 1/2 to 3/4 of the time in English words. While some types of learners can work around this fact (read about how in types of letter sounds) this is an absolute show stopper for the mechanical mind.

You will not be surprised that the phonics we developed for a mechanically minded family-

  • has exactly 12 site words
  • can be accomplished in record time
  • starts and finishes with a focus on vocabulary
  • and is streamlined by only employing easily visible concepts in reading rules (no syllable, prefix, suffix etc.)

We called it English Decoder.

Why English Decoder Phonics may be the only way some mechanical learners can learn to read well.

See English Decoder Basic Phonics Rules Get English Decoder

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