Ready to see your child improve 11 grade levels in 11 months?
. . . with an easy printable phonics format? This could be the easiest goal you reach this year! : )

Joshua: Read the Hobbit at 8

Our family discovered, English can be consistent.  

Megan: Nearly perfect SAT reading comprehension score

Building on this consistency makes better readers.

  1. Hannah et al 1966 
  2. Abbott 2000 .

These two studies

back it!

Now it's time for your success to confirm it: our printable phonics program goes from ABC's to 11th grade reading level in just over 30 lessons. 

If each lesson takes only a 1/2 hour, could you do about one a week ?

We thought so!  This is one challenge, that is not really oh so challenging.

Our English Decoder Reading Program is phonics-based, but unlike any other program you can build, buy, or get from a tutor.   Our phonics rules make 95% of English sound out. (You might call this decodable if you have researched many reading books.)

Here is what others are saying: Maria's story

"Where were you when my children were learning to read".

"This is an incredible program."

"You need to charge more for this.  It is so worth it"


How do we measure 11 grade levels?  The last lesson is from Proverbs in the New American Standard translation of the Bible.  This is rated as 11th grade text.  Earlier lessons use simplified sentences from Proverbs.

What does a child need to start? They need to know their ABC's. 

Is is hard to teach?  No, no.  This is designed for parents and grandparents, not teachers. The system is straight forward enough for non-native speakers to use.

How can I sign up for the 11 grade levels in 11 months challenge? Just click on the add to cart button under "I am up to the challenge". 

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That works out to: less than $4/ month!

You get 11 months of reading and 11 grade levels of progress

This is an electronic program (e-book).  So it will immediately be sent to your computer when you check out. You can view it on your screen or print it out like any other document.

Have Your High Expectations Met Or Be Fully Refunded - Our Guarantee

Are you comparing your options of printable phonics programs? Hope this helps : )

PROGRAMS Fewer than 100 Basic Facts Greater than 90% Accuracy Primarily, 1 letter
= 1 sound
K-11 Purchase only 1 book 12 or fewer Sight Words Under $50/Total Program Price
Big Name Programs - - - - - - -
Spalding- Style - - - - - Yes -
Word Family List Books - - - - Yes Yes Yes
English Decoder Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

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8 Year Old Reading At High School Level

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