What Do Preschool Songs Add To The Important Pre-K  Learning Years?

These Preschool Songs 

Happily teach:

  • ABC's,
  • Enunciation,
  • Language Basics & More

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What is A Verb?

What is A Vowel?

Learn by just humming a little tune with your preschooler. Have fun!

Don't miss the amazing breakthroughs that happened while singing pre-school songs. Scroll down to read : )

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This is what our car rides really looked like:)

Sis did not appreciate the improv. lyrics 

This photo demonstrates a fact. Our family's entire preschool experience fit into this motto: "We are living in an audio world".  Sure we did lots of cut and paste, climbing trees and magnet letters.  Still, the biggest chunks of daily life were talking, singing and reading out loud.  (This was occasionally overshadowed by talking real loud) 

Talk, talk, talk. Here are amazing things that occurred while talking and singing with my preschoolers.

Amazing Breakthroughs That Occurred Around Preschool Songs

I uncovered the fact that led to publishing English Decoder.  It happened while singing the ABC's with my 4 year old son one day. I was hanging clothes and we were supposed to be singing.  Strangely, I was singing solo.

I poked around to see if my young helper was chasing a lizzard somewhere.  Nope.  When I asked a few questions he told me he did not remember the alphabet song.  We had only sung it a few hundred times!!!

Later that night I asked my husband about his learning experience.  Singing had not helped him remember letter names at all.  He has a nearly photographic memory, so it had not mattered much.  He explained that he only sang the ABC's to please his great-grandmother, who had taught him to read.  

While I had been building my own family-use phonics program for years, this event opened my eyes.  We were on a new path. When I was done, we published English Decoder.

Another preschool song breakthrough gave us the name of a business!  I was packed in a car with five children while hubby ran into to get drinks.  We were driving home after a trade show.  It had been our deciding grounds for opening a new promotional products business.  It was a go!! 

"What about a name?" all of us wondered.  We drew a blank.  That is until I was singing with the kids when drinks arrived back at the car.  We were doing that Sunday school song "The wise man built his house upon the rocks . ."

"That's it! "We named our company Solid Rock Promotions.

So I hope you enjoy these songs and then rush right over to

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