Meet Some Small Readers With High School Level Phonics Results

Why post my family's phonics results? Precisely because my children are not brilliant. They all read at the high school level by around 10 (some much earlier). If my pretty normal kids can achieve this reading level yours likely can too! with the same tools.

Our high school level phonics results have been the headline of many of my posts and articles. Here is something to back those claims up. I hope they do not seem like bragging. Many people who know me have not seen these. There's just no better measure for a reading program than first-hand results, so here they are.

Our little lady at 8 is reading 11th grade text in this video.

8 Year Old Reading At High School Level

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We did not show these test results to our oldest for the longest time. No need to saddle a child with an inflated self-image. In the fifth grade she read at the post high school level. PHS= Post High School. 12.7 = almost a year beyond 12th grade)

Her percentile in the nation test was pegged at the farthest part of 99. It was the highest score the proctor had ever seen.

Next up is our 6 year old who is sounding out "different" and "understood" in his lessons these days. In the video please note the dinosaur shirt vice scholar hat. If a lizard had run by we would have had to stop the video. Here he is. He's all boy reading at about second or third grade level.

6 Year Old Sounds Out Two Syllable Words

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Our other two boys? No videos available yet. One read at the high school level just before he finished his phonics with only a few glitches. He was much younger than 10.

Our other son read high school level at just after 10. I don't think he would be a good reader today without our more accurate program. I thank God for the discovery (after all He gave us reliable language to decode!) and all the family and friends that encouraged us along the way.

All of these phonics results are from the English Decoder Phonics system, or its precursors developed in our home. The book that the children in the video are using is this system in a sharable shape. Believe me it did not start out in such a tidy form (though most often it was used on the front porch!).

Your children can read just the same way. I for one am glad brilliant is not required!

Think we just have a reading gene? Results from beyond our front door: I gave a copy of our book to my friend Maria. She came back and insisted on giving me cash for it. Her son was reading solo in just 9 lessons. English was not even her first language!

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