Take a 2 minute test of what may be the world's most accurate phonics program.

Relax, this phonics program test has one and only one question : ) 

Can you find a letter in the blue words below, that is not easily explained by the reading clues next to it

b =

b makes the first sound in bell

_ y/ __y.= I

y at the end of a 2 or 3 letter word says I, like the letter name

m =

m makes the first sound in monkey




a by itself makes the first sound in apple

d =

d makes the first sound in dog







_ _ _ y+. = E

y at the end of a word with 4 or more letters says E, like the letter name

a _ a/e/i/o/u/~y = A

a followed by any letter then a, e, i, o, u or sometimes y says A, like the letter name.

_ _ _+e. = e

e at the end of a word with 4 or more letters is silent (does not make any sound).




Did you find any unexplained letters?

Me neither. 

Would your kids be smiling if they learned to read with rules like these? They are so frustration free!

With reading clues like the ones you just used, 95 words per hundred can be easily explained and read by your children.

The news gets better than that!

Clues just like the ones you tested explain 95 out of 100 English words at the the 11th grade reading level. (The clues never get any harder)

Clues just like the ones you tested can all be learned in just over 30 lessons.

Yes, that means you can teach young children to read to the 11th grade reading level in about 30 lessons. 

You and your kids should be smiling too!

All of our own children reached high school reading levels by 10, most of them much sooner.  Read Maria's story (on the right side bar "when English is not your first language"). Her 7 year old boy began reading solo after just 9 lessons with this new phonics program.

What is this new phonics program? 
It is a method of sound based reading instruction that we developed out of desperation for our own familyWe've called it English Decoder.

It uses clues that easily explain most any word in English.  You may or may not have noticed that standard phonics does not do this.  By most estimates, standard phonics works to explain 50 to 75 words out of 100.  The rest of written English can turn into a mess of muddled confusion.

One study found that the inclusion of letter position (ie. y at the end of a word) such as what we added to our reading clues improves accuracy by 75%!  Our own tests landed at a slightly lower number: a 25-50% improvement in the accuracy of our reading clues over standard ones. 

So, if you did not find an unexplained letter, you passed our two minute test with flying colors.  Congratulations, you have just used what may be the world's most accurate phonics program.

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Why is this little princess smiling? She sees how well her siblings are reading just below!

Joshua: Read the Hobbit by 8 years old

Megan: Had the highest 5th grade reading score ever at our local school.

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