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Get The Complete English Decoder Phonics Program (over 100

       pages of lessons Developed Especially For The  Mechanical Child).

plus, Beyond Basics Special Booklet Section that takes your child to the 11th Grade reading level

plus, Special Section: Choosing Between the Two 'th' sounds

as two added bonuses!

With Proverbs - Based Text !

FREE Bonus
Second FREE Bonus!

Get all these valuable tools for just $39.89

Dear fellow busy parent, here is what you need to know.

Mechanically minded children will never trust unreliable phonics rules, and so will never use them. Adding reliability to standard rules is a big job that took years of work.  I took it on when nothing else worked for my own son.

If you take a few minutes to purchase the most complete phonics program that I have ever been thrilled to send your way, you will be immediately downloading the benefits of years of effort. That is time well spent.

I wrote this program first off for my own family. We are Christians, which means the Bible is the most important book to us. Right in the middle of the Bible is a of brass-tacks practical wisdom section aimed especially at young people: Proverbs.

If getting Bible content along with new phonics tools lessons sounds like a true bonus to you, then you will be thrilled with this program and the whole package too!

This package, completer program plus bonuses, is only available by e-book right now.  If I had to pass along the cost of printing, binding, packaging and shipping to you it would cost so much more than this special price. Plus, then you would have to wait days for delivery!

If all this sounds Ok with you, read on to find out exactly what you get with this special offer.

To your child's reading success,

Deborah Scott
New phonics tools and English Decoder

Learning Phonics Rules is Real Work, But
every one rule learned means thousands of words that your child will be able to read for their entire life!

I've customized phonics for the demanding detail of the mechanical thinker for over a decade. I know how this package will make your life easier right now.

First, the English Decoder Program is organized around 30 lessons. The rules covered in each lesson are carefully listed in a table at the front of the book.  That means whenever you come across a word that you can read but can't explain, the rules will be right there, ready and easy for you to use. 

This one part is so helpful that it is the basis of an entire separate tool: The English Decoder Card.

If reading has bogged down with memorizing words, here is more good news. Very few lessons have any memorization at all!! 

If you want your mechanical learner to get the detailed, systematic phonics rules their minds crave and retain their love of learning (and your peace of mind) take advantage of this everything in one place offer. English Decoder Phonics Program and the two FREE bonuses equals the Get Your Child On the Way to Excellent Reading Package.

The value of this package compares to giant box purchases that cost well over $100.  You can get it all for just $39.89 It is my very best tool ever!

With Proverbs - Based Text !

FREE Bonus
Second FREE Bonus
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About the FREE Bonus: Beyond Basics

Special Section. . .

I was grateful to get to work with the publishers of the New American Standard Bible translation and get their permission to use portions of Proverbs for children's reading material. I added an additional decoder card style list of advanced rules to make sure every child could make use of this text. That is the basis for this special section.

This bonus employs a tool you may remember was a very early success, marking lesson sounds. 

Marking is as old as the Blue Back Speller (Any history buffs ?? :) If history is not your interest, here is short version of same fact: marking letter sounds in lessons was used to teach millions of children during an era when national literacy was about 97%!

Now that is "reading excellence"!

About the second FREE Bonus: Choosing Between
The Two "th" Sounds

You and I both know that real reading is not about guessing, but knowing sounds. 

This special section teaches the simple visual cues that flag which of two common sounds to use when 'th' shows up in a word.  Some easy practice exercises will give your child a chance to make these cues second nature.

Get this complete Get Your Child On The Way To Excellent Reading Package via instant download.

When you click on the "add to cart" button below you will receive a download link to put all the lessons, and every rule and tool straight to your computer.

For fill-in-the blank worksheets print as many as you can use. You can begin learning reliable phonics rules with your child right away (and start seeing the benefits that much sooner!)

With Proverbs - Based Text !

FREE Bonus
Second FREE Bonus

Now get all these new phonics tools (English Decoder Phonics Program plus the 2 bonuses) for just 39.89.  That's about what you would pay for one shipped book order that you wont see for days yet!

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My son "Michael Ivan and I Absolutely loved our first

lesson, then the next one, and the next one.

After the 9th lesson Michael Ivan picked a random

book at our house and started reading on his own.

"Wow!" I thought "It really works."

I thought Debbie's son was talented, but Michael

Ivan advanced very quickly as well in just a short time.

It has nothing to do with talent or no talent - it's just

a good book with a good method and Godly principles

for a child to learn to read.

My son is reading on his own now and we haven't

even finished the book. How good can it get

with reading!!

Reliable phonics rules, marked text for practice, and the power of simple visual clues with so few sight words: All great tools for building your child's reading skills.
Get a great deal of practical information
and a Great Deal!

If you don't already know this you soon will, much of what passes for reading programs is either useless (especially for mechanical thinkers) or just rehashed.

With the entire Get Your Child On The Way To Excellent Reading Package, you have an enormous amount of practical, easy to use, available
nowhere else information. Isn't that what you were looking for?

English Decoder Phonics Program: Is my only complete step by step, multi-sensory, compilation of 30 lessons, covering over 100 pages. 

PS. I loved working on the graphics!

Each lesson has in context-guided oral reading, word lists to isolate patterns, and fill in the blank worksheets to make sure the concepts clicked.

Beyond the Basics: Is the special bonus section only available with this offer.  It brings your child smoothly through 11th grade reading level. Then they can comprehend the beauty and wisdom of Proverbs on their own.

Choosing between the two 'th" sounds: Is a special section that builds on the principle of using simple visual cues to point to the correct sounds in a word.  This is the key that eliminates guessing!

This all adds up! You can see why Getting Your Child on The Way To Excellent Reading is a great value.

Ok, what exactly do I get in the Getting Your Child On The Way To Excellent Reading Package?

1. The Complete English Decoder Phonics Program with Proverbs based text.

2. The English Decoder contents table (the basis of a separate tool called the English Decoder Card)

3. Beyond Basics Special Section. Also with contents table for rule reference

4. Choosing between The Two 'th" Sounds

And, like always you can buy my resources securely and risk-free with my one-full year, no questions asked, money back guarantee.

My personal guarantee: Buy any of my tools and put them to use for one full year.  If you are not absolutely thrilled with the progress of your child and
gratefully reaping the rewards of an independent reader, or if you are unsatisfied for any reason, I'll return your payment no questions asked.

Are you willing to invest $39.89 in your child's reading time?

Yes! I want to own ALL The Get Your

Child On The way To Excellent Reading

at this fantastic discount. I want to get

started right away on building my child's

reading skills.  I want ALL THE FREE

BONUSES, including the Beyond Basics

and Choosing Between The two "th" sounds.

I understand I have a full year to study, use

and evaluate if this was the very best

resource for me.

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