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Your 6-10 year old could be just lessons away from High School Reading.  Really!

  it's possible with The Complete English Decoder Phonics, 3- Part Program. 

Get all inclusive, step by step lessons that seamlessly move from ABC's to 11th grade reading.

The breakthrough that makes it happen: English Decoder Phonics Rules.  This hugely improved set of rules makes 95% of even high school level text sound out easily.

See for yourself!  Click the Cover.

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Get All This With Each Program:

1. 30 Lessons + Quick Reference Decoder Card + Easy to Use Instructions.  Every page is a pleasure to use with wholesome photo illustrations and a relaxing amount of white space. 

2. Beyond Basics Lessons 

3. Special Bonus Section

* Proverbs text, Worksheets Included : )

* In context from day one!

140 pages convenient Pdf format (e-book) so you can purchase,  print, and start seeing progress right now!

What is Pdf?

If you like:

  • The peaceful look of the reading spot pictured on the left
  • Exclusively phonics  instruction
  • No awful cartoons to look at :(
  • Confusion Free Reading Time : )

. . . . . . . . . .The English Decoder Program is for you!. . . . . . .

Introducing our newest tool.  It will

Put The Rule Book For Reading English!!

in your hands.  The English Decoder Card

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It does not get any simpler than this.  Clearly presented, breakthrough English Decoder phonics rules in this ready to use format:

Symbol Rules with Written Rule just below. Use the Decoder Card to explain the sounds for most any word in written English!

Unbeatable Introductory Price:  $7.51

7 packed cards

Pdf format (e-book) purchase,  print, enjoy & achieve right now

Pdf what's that?

If this is you:

  • a D.I.Y er
  • working with an older beginner reader starting with advanced lesson material, or
  • looking for a launch point with English Decoder

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .You Need a Decoder Card!. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Try English Decoder Risk Free for 2 weeks. If you are not wowed I will refund your money. You don't even have to do 1 lesson to see that our program is a radical improvement.  This guarantee goes for anything at the phonics book store

. . .Keep Reading!  This is a reading breakthrough : ). . .

Why is the phonics book store so English Decoder - crazed?

. . . Because English Decoder may be the world's most accurate and confusion-free phonics program.

Phonics is sound based reading.  To use it, a reader sees a letter and remembers a sound. 

For this to work, there must be rules that tell a reader what sound goes with each letter. 

The rules for English phonics are pretty much standard among programs. 

Q: So why make new ones?

A: The "standard" rules only work about 1/2 the time.  Hmm.  It's really amazing how anyone learns to read at all. 

The part of English not explained by rules was the focus of 6 years of R&D at our house.  We improved rule accuracy by adding things like letter position. 

Going back to what phonics requires: rules that tell a reader what sound goes with each letter.

English Decoder is a set of rules that correctly connects sounds to letters about 95% of the time.

This is at least, a 25% improvement. Studies besides our own set the number closer to 75%.

In all our searching, no other phonics program comes close to English Decoder.  Believe me, we looked everywhere! That is why I am so happy to make it available at the phonics books store.

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"You have made a great program!" - homeschool grad who's now a homeschool Dad

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"By Lesson 9 Michael Ivan picked up a book and began reading on his own." -Non-native, English speaking mother of a 7 year old.

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Studies Say . . .

letter position can improve [rule] reliability by 75%! 

- Hanna,Hanna, Hodges, and Roudorf (1966),

-Abbott (2000)

I found "Only 18 [standard]reading rules that worked for even 75% of English words."

- Theodore Clymer of the University of Minnesota