Phonics Redesigned
New Phonics Tools

New phonics tools majors in more accurate phonics. It's so much easier to teach, and opens up the door to the entire English language. It minors on pleasant and pretty. (Check out flashcards and glance at preview pages). The "minor" to me is important, hopefully you agree!

It means so much more than just looks and color. It is the humanizing part of learning. It is reminds us that teaching at home (full or part time - if your children are home with you 10 minutes they are learning something - a powerful thought on parenting!) is meant for inspiring. Pretty and pleasant is custom, lovely and launching.

We want to point our children not just towards reading, but reading about something. 

Do you want to teach your child to read?

Or do you want to make your child a well educated reader?

Our program helps your child to read, and hopefully to become a reader as well!

This happens not in a second-best way within a family, but initially and primarily at home. Reading at home is the best learning environment for a young student. There is no better form of customization anywhere.

A few quotes to point this out so much better than I can. From this dichotomy of sources : Johnathon Edwards and the Rifle Man.

~ The home life is one of the greatest means of grace.~

~ The Bible is the book of books, published during the very greatest period of English literature. Compared to it, everything else is just a footnote.~

So both the setting and mechanics of new phonics tools is intentionally redesigned.

Mechanics Redesigned. Most reading involves either very complicated ideas such as syllables, prefix, consonants and vowels etc (All good things to know - eventually) or a level of inaccuracy. Letter sounds, universally used in phonics instruction, only match the way words are actually spoken in English about 50-75% of the time.

At some point children need to know prefixes, suffixes short and long vowel sounds and much, much more. But to start with, these are better left out of reading. (If you are a teacher I am not off my rocker. The ideas I stumbled upon were covered in studies published before I was even born.)

At new phonics tools neither the complexity or inaccuracy of reading needs to be endured. The rules discussed here incorporate letter use as well as sound. 95% of the time one group of letters = one sound. This is beautifully simple. It transports easily to the front porch. This brings us to.

Setting Redesigned: In Reading Environments We Love there are examples of people learning to read with very few gadgets on hand. Obviously I don't shun technology, I write a web page. Still the most important factors in the examples were the teacher and material to be read. Relationship and thirst for knowledge take center stage here. Two very worthwhile things.

Simplicity via more accurate phonics rules for better reading is important. It opens the door to all of English since practically everything can be sounded out and so tackled by a reader themselves (ie. no one has to teach it as a memory word first) Simplicity that allows someone to learn to read in a pleasant spot, at their parent's side and then launch right out into the yard with a mind full of motivating wisdom is more important still.

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