Oh No, the nasb
(New American Standard Bible)

is 11th grade reading level !

And with our program you're 7 year old can breeze through it.

 If you have ever read a bible you know that it is written at a very advanced level.

Using the bible as a learning tool has a wealth of advantages and that is why we chose to use it in our program.

How can this impact your child's literacy?

Building on solid ground: Initially, God gave us language. He put His word in written form. He could have conveyed it in lots of other ways. He chose for us to read it.

Did He allow a reading system that is an insurmountable obstacle? We believe that He did not. 

Yet, for 1 in 5 children standard phonics is more than confusing.  It is a near impossibility!

We struggled through the world of teaching phonics for six years. We found:

  • Standard phonics was a 1920's, vintage masterpiece. 
  • It had major flaws. 
  • Standard reading rules worked for 1/2 to 3/4 of English words. 

Just memorizing (and just is an understatement here) all the exceptions could be an option if . . .if . . . if . . you could just find an easy way to tell which words did not follow the rules. This really had us stuck, thankfully we soon had ourselves unstuck!

We discovered new rules.  We didn't throw out the old ones.  We added to them until they were more specific. 

               We didn't invent phonics, but we gave it a much needed                          upgrade!  


Our new rules are much more specific so they work 95% of the time.  PS.  You need fewer of them too! 

if you're interested in knowing the story behind our program visit our homepage.  See our store for rule tools.

The English language is actually quite simple, should specifics of our language be hard to understand? Nope!

In standard reading rules you may have seen:

  • syllabication,
  • long and short sounds,
  • vowel and consonant
  • prefixes and suffixes
  • mile long memory-word lists

You won't see these terms mixed up with ours!

Our phonics endeavors were first tested in one of our inventors busy household.  That means they had to be really nitty, gritty hands on, user friendly.  So. . . you only see clues that a preschooler can learn. Things like the number of letters in a word, and whether a letter is first or last.

So how does that get you to 11th grade reading?  The rules never get harder than this:

a by itself makes the first sound in apple

y at the end of a 2 or 3 letter word says I

You just start guiding through the new rules.  It takes about 30 lessons to reach high school text.  So that's how your child could soon be reading the New American Standard Bible.

Test the new rules. We know you are busy.  This is a 2 minute test. Enjoy!

Read More About the new rules called English Decoder.

See NASB-based  Sample Lessons .

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