How did Michael and Daniel Learn to Read in just 9 lessons?

Two 6 year old's could learn to read so quickly because they were using a new phonics program called English Decoder. Solo reading came quickly with Maria's son, Michael Ivan, and my son, Daniel.   

Why not your child?

Maria's Story (English is Maria's second language)

My firstborn son Michael Ivan and I are pioneers at homeschooling together. I was very concerned about how in the world I would teach him to read.

My friend Debbie Scott recommended to me that I try this new material which she came up with for her own kids.

Debbie told me that her son Daniel had learned how to read in just a few lessons [using it].

Watch Daniel In Action Reading

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I thought to myself:

"They are smart kids, I don't know if it would work for Michael. We are just not as advanced."

. . .but. . .

Debbie's book was not just like a regular school book. It was filled with the Bible verses from Proverbs which are full of wisdom and good teaching.

Our family believes in the Lord Jesus Christ and that everything we do should give glory to Him.

Learn to Read 
With English Decoder and Michael Ivan 

Well, I got a copy of her book and gave it a try. Michael Ivan and I absolutely loved our first lesson, then the next one, and the next one.

After the 9th lesson Michael Ivan picked a random book at our house and started reading on his own. "Wow!", I thought, "It really works" .

I thought Debbie's son was talented, but Michael Ivan advanced very quickly as well in just a short time.

It has nothing to do with talent or no talent - it's just a good book with a good method and Godly principles for a child to learn how to read.

My son is reading on his own now and we haven't even finished the book. How good can it get with reading?!!!

Future Plans

Definitely using the same book with my other growing children. Thank you, Debbie! and Praise God!

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From Maria's Story:

. . .After the 9th lesson Michael Ivan picked a random book at our house and started reading on his own...