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Fast progress to solo reading

Children as young as six have read independently after just 9 English Decoder lessons. Read the happy report of parents.


When nothing works

   Hi, I am Deborah  Scott.

I first created English Decoder for my child who could not connect with any existing reading program. English Decoder can work for you even if:

  • your child is bored and frustrated
  • you have given up (or at least thought about it). 
  • your child is a mechanical learner. In fact . . . 

English Decoder may be the only route to reading success for a mechanical-learner 

Read 25% More Right Away

Our rules tell readers the correct sounds for many more words than standard rules.  So without improving any more skills, a beginner reader will understand a much larger chunk of anything in print! 

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Linguists agree, standard phonics rules explain the letter sounds of English words about 50-75% of the time.  Researchers analyzed many aspects of these rules (which employ Orton-Gillingham letter sounds) in 1966. They discovered word placement clues.  This was rediscovered in the 2000 Abbott study.

Word placement clues are simple, 3-5 word details about where a letter is used in a word.  We added these to reading rules. The improvement makes our rules nearly twice as effective.  

To be fair to other programs still using standard phonics rules, the word cues themselves were never listed in the 1966 study (Hanna and Hanna) English Decoder word cues took six years to compile.  But they are still very simple. See for yourself!

Studies Confirm

We analyzed English Decoder rules using Proverbs (New American Standard Bible)  Our rules were 95% effective in explaining letter sounds as used in these 10th grade reading level words. 

So 25% improvement claim?  We may be on the low side!

What you need for your child's success

Reading success happens when your child can read anything (without needing your help). To get there faster you need better reading rules. You don't need more paper, missing parts and expense.  Get to solo reading easier and faster. 

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