Enjoy 5 Days Of
Keep The Lights Burning Abbie
With These Free Printables.

Free printables that cover a story of courage and hope. It's refreshing like spray off the sea.

Why do I love the sea? I grew up on an island.

Why do I see a call to courage and seafaring as irrevocable linked? I have sailed to Europe (and back - as I am writing here in the States ) The sea is beautiful and strong. The sky above it is dark, everchanging and vast.

Vast is the very reason why you and your children should spend 5 days immersed in this book. The sea is so vast it makes even Godless sailors remember their Creator. The power of a storm at sea is captured in such a real yet warm way in Keep The Lights Burning Abbie.

Download 5 Days of Free Printables for Keep the Lights Burning Abbie.

Here is what you and your children will learn during your "watch" at the lighthouse.

Day 1: History – Lighthouses, Safety at Sea, Morse Code, Titanic

Day 2: Character – Courage, Chivalry, Sanctity of Life

Day 3: Art – Blue and Brown Color Wheel

Day 4: Practical Skills – Nothing but eggs

Day 5: Science – Weather and Wave Motion

Don't miss the funny story for parents that unfolded on the very day I first reviewed this book. It puts Abbie ever more into the fabric of this family's life.

God Speed and Following Sea!

If you like Keep the Lights Burning, you may enjoy a chapter book called Saved at Sea.

More challenging and longer than Keep the Lights Burning Abbie, Saved at Sea is a Christian story that also revolves around a child and a lighthouse. The hero of our second lighthouse book is a young boy. He lives with his Grandfather, also on a remote chunk of rocks that could spell disaster to unwary ships.

On this ragged shore a boy lives and learns. There are very few pictures in Saved at Sea. One of them is of the island's small garden.

I don't know why the sketch is so appealing. Maybe it's the tenacity of tender plants on rocky, windswept soil. It could just be the orderliness of neat rows inside a stone fence, tended once daily except Sundays.

Adventure, kindness, tear-jerkingly real danger and salvation built on the Rock are what you will find in this soft cover read.

I have to commend the librarian of our local private school that opened this story up to me. Disappointed with packaged book sale indexes, she set up a table in the gymnasium loaded with a custom selection of what she thought could build young minds. Was she ever right on the mark.

The rest of the books on the right are ones we purchased at the same booksale. 3 in 1 (A picture of God) is made for kids, but really informed me. What a way to understand the trinity.

In our house soft cover Little House books are only temporary shelf holders. Hard cover was such a find!

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