English Decoder puts the power of years of studies in your hands

You are looking at the only phonics program researched to make reading 75% easier.

With the English Decoder Program:



136 pages

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1-Year, Money-Back Guarantee

Be thrilled with your program or we will refund your money, upon request, for up to one year.

Your 6-10 year old will:

Cover every sound in the English language

Use the studies-backed new rules.

Most Children will:

Read solo before lesson 10

Reach 10th grade text by the end of the program

The complete program provides:

  • 30 easy to use lessons built around Proverbs text
  • Decoder Card

Each 3-4 page lesson includes:

  • scripted introduction to new sounds
  • practice word lists
  • guided oral reading and
  • context work sheets

Plus, the program comes with two bonus sections:

  1. Choosing the correct th sound
  2. Beyond Basics

English Decoder is the best thing to happen to reading this century. It's developer, Deborah Scott, has done what no one else has. She spent 6 years compiling the information that a 50 year old study said would make phonics rules 75% more effective.

The results are in. The study was right. The enriched phonics rules are incredible.  A child you love can "be the winner" because of it.

When breakthrough studies and independent analysis pointed the way to better phonics rules, only one reading program built those rules and put them to use.  It's right here. 

Equipped with the knowledge of these better rules, your child will easily recognize the correct sounds of most every word they see. 

For you that means:

  • less time spent on questions and memorizing unreadable words
  • faster progress for all readers, and restarts for stalled learners
  • you can finally answer "Why does it sound that way ?" 
  • even brand new topics can be read independently 

More Praise For This Breakthrough Program: 

"You should charge more for this!" - one of our first parent-


"By Lesson 9 Michael Ivan picked up a book and began reading on his own." -Non-native, English speaking mother.

"You are going to help a lot of people." - online forum

Another Great ED Resource  

The Decoder Card

Not sure what a letter says?

Need to know why?

Find out in no time! 

The Decoder Card has every enriched reading rule.

They are arranged in alphabetical order.

Get tremendous teaching power jam packed into just a few pages!



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"You have made a great program!" - homeschool grad who's now a homeschool Dad

"Where was this when my children were learning to read?" - our ad team

" I love the way you explain phonics." -from our web page

"It never felt too hard and I still like reading!" -student

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