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Dinosaur Roar ! Get your dramatic voice! The adjectives describing each cartoon-drawn, mega-lizard warrant creative presentation. 

Now you are ready for one of the best early reader books that is short enough for nap time but still a lot of fun.

God's World And Johnny - One of the Early Reader Books For Crazy Days and Take - Alongs.

This book is so innocent and simple. Beware of crying.

Chapters = a good take along book. Each one stands alone so you can just pick a story. When hubby runs into the store and you have already played eye-spy with the kiddos while you wait in the parking lot - send someone diving under the seats to pull up God's World and Johnny.

Whose Toes Are Those - A board book for Naptime, LapTime and Library Day

If you visit our library the board books are in cubicles right at the front of the children's section. No one bothers to put them in any kind of order. Our librarians are smart. The books wouldn't stay put anyway.

The OxCart Man - One of the Early Reader Books that is For Ever and Always.

I don't want to read this book. I want to move in. I am hopelessly, endlessly romanticizing about pioneering. My poor hubby! His family still actually lives on the property they homesteaded.

He may have a more realistic view 

Pictures? Kind of Grandma Moses-ish (minus the glitter in the snow).

This is my favorite introduction to economics, not that we should all farm, but we should all plan and then venture out together while smiling often and closing out each year in the black.

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We Live In The Baby House - A book for when a baby is due and/ or you are passing up dessert.

For a while, whenever we decided against a sweet we would quote this book - I don't want to "get rounder and rounder and rounder". This lasted long after our babies arrived.

The Baby House, the abode of the young narrator of this book, is bursting at the seams. Why?

Because every cute, kind of modern, cartoon creature in it is multiplying - some by leaps and bounds! From dogs to birdies, everyone is having babies. The story: Daddy is absolutely amazing.  He builds additions to the house for new inhabitants as they appear on each page.

The "rounder and rounder and rounder" part? That is the description of each mother as "expectations grow". When I was self-conscious of my pregnancy weight I just asked the nurse not to tell me anymore. I may have gained about a 1/2 ton, but this was a rare occasion when ignorance is bliss.

Blueberries For Sal

Speaking of oft quoted books (no not Shakespeare).

"Cirplink, Curplank, Curplunk" (the much repeated phrase) is the sound blueberries make from discovery to jelly in this vintage picture book with simple drawings.

One disappointment: It is hard to tell if Sal is a boy or a girl  It's a minor flaw that is more than overcome though. I picked this book out at the library long before I saw it on any reading list. After that, it was everywhere - catalogs . . . reading lists . . . you name it.

Why you should quote this book too: Cirplink, Curplank, Curplunk is great to have on the tip of your tongue when things are crashing and spilling. I once announced "I'll handle this. I am a professional." - Our extended family was at a restaurant and a child had spilled yet another drink.

Why you should read early reader books each and every day (just in case there are some days when you need a reminder) 

  1. Because it is too hard to wait for reading aloud until your kids grow up enough to read anything else.
  2. Because early reader books and any books read out loud teach you child to speak, listen and think (not necessarily in that order)

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