Keep These Vintage Books In Mind

These vintage books were found at Friends of Library sales (Our smallish city has one of the best library systems going!) and from a church school that had closed.

The first books are from an entire series: Childhood of Famous Americans

We have these hardcover gems:

  • Ann Bradstreet, Young Puritan Poet
  • William Bradford, Pilgrim Boy
  • Noah Webster, Boy of Words
  • Clara Barton, Girl Nurse and
  • Franklin Roosevelt, Boy Of The Four Freedoms

These books cover all the details of growing-up years that intrigue a child. Many of the listed sources are primary. The last pages include time lines. One of my girls loves to copy these for writing practice.

Just this summer I found the Ann Bradstreet book listed on a resale list for over $100! I knew I had a treasure. Someone agreed with me. I cringe a bit to think that our Franklin Roosevelt book is warped. It had been left out in the rain. I need to be more careful.

There are dozens of ther books in the series that I am still on the look-out for.

Two other older books are Basic Reading 1-2 and 1-2. They were published in 1963 by the Lippincott Company. These are two simple books with mostly wholesome stories and poems. (I did staple one fantasy story that I did not think was worthwhile shut). Each section focusses on a specific set of sounds.

They are easy for a new reader to work through on their own. I do have to remember that early readers are not very good with comprehension yet. I tried to quizz my youngest the other day on what he had already read solo. I did not get very far : )

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