Reading Preschool Songs and Custom Coloring Sheets

The first of our reading preschool songs has a funny tune.

Hope it makes you smile too.

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ABC 's 4 Lunch
To the tune of the Oscar Myer B o l o g n a Song

The alphabet has a first part
It’s abcde

The alphabet has a second part
It’s fghij

Oh I love to say it.  I‘m almost through

K l, m, n, o, p 
qr s  t uuu

V, w, x and y then z
Complete this tongue-tied melody.

What is a vowel?

Round Mouth Vowel    
To the tune of "Do your ears hang low"

If you say a letter's name

and your mouth stays open wide

If you hold it in a circle

so a doughnut fits inside

Then its! A! Vowel!     

Short Vowel Sounds

A Short Vowel Solo
To the tune of  “Pop Goes The Weasel”

All the way to the end of the word

He looked. for another vowel.

Two letters were there. They blocked his view.

Short Sound! he sang Solo.

*You can sing any short vowel sound on the last line.

The short vowel sounds are:

  • /a/ as in apple
  • /e/ as in egg
  • /i/ as in igloo
  • /o/ as in the middle of mop
  • /u/ as in up. 

Long Vowel Sounds

Long Vowel Searching
To the tune of  "Oh where, Oh where has my little dog gone?"

Is there, Is there another vowel around?

And she looked towards the end of the word.

I see a vowel

Just one letter away.

So I will sing my long sound!


*of EEEE,  I I I I I , O O O O or  UUUU!  

Commercial Break 

English Decoder Is Amazin' 
Rap-style rhyme 
by Joshua, Michael and Daniel Scott

In this world a lot is crazy
One things clear, not hazy

English Decoder is Amazin'

I know this may sound cheezy
It makes reading so very easy.

 A Song For Confused Parents
To the tune of the Brady Bunch

Here's the story
Of a confusing letter
And yes, you can try this one at home.

A 's the first sound
Learned by children
The whole world around

Listen to the sound of this letter
/a/ as in apple that you crunch
When you learned this one rule you felt better
But it changed by lunch!

Now the “A” has an e that is silent
So AAA is the sound it will make
Kids who aced the apple rule this morning
Will now their pencils break :~

If you are a confu- used parent
You are part of much more than a bunch.
That’s why we made English Decoder
Studies show it’s not a hunch.

Beginner Sounds

What are the beginner sounds?

Worksheets: Single Sound Worksheet 1, Single Sound Worksheet 2

Are you listening for One Sound Letters?
To the tune of Frerer Jaque?

One sound letters, One sound letters


With vowels they add spe-ed 
When young beginners re-ad

Tim Jim bat

pat pot mat

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