Did you know that standard phonics rules only work about 1/2 the time?

Discover tools built on break through new rules.

Phonics that is 95% accurate!

Hi, I'm a teaching mother of five.  I live amid a small crowd of excelling readers.

Let me tell you our reading story, and how your crowd (whatever its size) can excel too! :)

Excellent reading has not always come easily.  In fact, teaching one of my boys to read threw me such a curve, it took 6 years to recover!

Those 6 years produced English Decoder - which may contain the most accurate English reading rules on the planet!  In our family, we teach these rules with easy to use tools (Fluff-free is a must with us. I am pretty busy, as you might guess :)

Result: high school reading levels by or before age 10, and kids who love to read.  Even the boys!  Other families report the same thing !!

I'll explain a bit about rules.  They make our tools different from any other resource.

Many letters have two or more sounds. When a reader sees one of these letters in a word he or she has to choose a sound. Enter: phonics rules. They tell the reader which sound to pick.

So far so good, right? Well yes, except for one huge, show-stopping glitch. The rules everyone uses are notoriously inaccurate and confusing : (

Compare our English Decoder rules with standard rules:

You will see what I mean!

English Decoder

tells readers the correct sounds for pronouncing 95 out of 100 English words

make 95% of English sound out

leaves only 12 words to be memorized

use only easy to understand terms like number of letters in a word, letter position in a word, and nearby letters

standard rules

 (compare to only getting 50 - 75 words out of 100 right for standard rules)

(compare to as low as 50% with run-of-the-mill rules)

(compare to hundreds of  memory words in reading programs big enough to swallow your living room)

(compare to concepts like syllabication , prefix, suffix, consonant or vowel, long or short sound that are cluttering up many how-to-read workbooks)

For you, the parent or grandparent, phonics tools with better, more accurate rules mean:

  • A child you love can go from knowing the abc's to 11th grade reading level in about 30 lessons!
  • Confusion, impossible questions and frustrations are not part of reading time, anymore. You teach the rules and the rules work.  What could be easier?
  • You get more of everything you want: confident, independent readers who can read anything and enjoy it : ) - even if they have never seen it before.

I know these benefits are real.  I saw them with my son. English Decoder worked when nothing else did.

If you have been researching reading programs, a few buzz words may have rubbed off on you.  I think I can use some of them to paint a more customized picture of how our new rules and tools are a real breakthrough.

English Decoder makes all English text 95% decodable.

We have eliminated nearly all exceptions.

English Decoder rules are 95% accurate at the 11th grade reading level.

English Decoder does not depend on word families to distinguish between variations in letter sounds.

English Decoder matches one sound to one letter pattern in almost every case. 

Site words are cut by 1/10th.

All English Decoder clues/ cues are easily observable by a pre-schooler.

English Decoder answers the strongest criticism of phonics: inconsistency.

Are you looking for over the top results and

kids who love reading?

Take a close look at English Decoder!

Explore this site and get free downloads, learn about English Decoder, find answers to your how to teach questions then visit the phonics book store and fill your reading tool box with great new phonics tools!

"After the 9th lesson Michael Ivan picked a random book at our house and started reading on his own."-read more

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