Did you know: standard phonics rules only work about 1/2 the time? :(

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Hi, I am a teaching mother of five. I live amid a small crowd of excelling readers

. . . but it has not always been this way. . .

For years I researched betters ways to teach my children. Suddenly, it became a desperate search. Things changed when one of my children failed to read.  Nothing worked!

Over 6 years my house was decorated from shelf to table with phonics studies.  I became the cut and past queen! As if a houseful of kiddos didn't make enough mess;) We had more! I trimmed, markered and highlighted hundreds of flash cards until they actually worked.

It was worth it!!  mess and all.  As the dust settled and the floors were refinished (really, some glue just won't come off :)  all my kids read. . . everything, voraciously, tons of new words they had never seen before.

What's more! they liked it.  Hurray! Because what's more work than sharpee on the wall?  Force feeding books. 

Reading can be a an enjoyable, smooth, fast-progressing family event.

 See for yourself :) This little guy is only on lesson 6.

6 Year Old Sounds Out Two Syllable Words

Many children read on their own by lesson 10

You can see more for yourself!

This  Christian family is overjoyed.  Their son read solo after lesson 9. 

(English was not even their first language!)

See more young readers and their test scores

"How did that happen?" you ask.

Over and over studies found 3 things improved phonics results. 

  1. phonics rules with word placement clues
  2. large verbal vocabularies
  3. guided oral reading

First, these were were worked into our family life with:

  1. One page lessons.  I wrote in word placement clues from my research.
  2. Lots of out loud reading
  3. Looking over my child's shoulder when he read to me (to help him with the hard words).  This is guided oral reading. 

Then, I decided to publish my lessons after I met two monster programs:

  1. the big box that swallowed the living room and
  2. the program that ate the budget.

I called my program English Decoder. 

I often call English Decoder "no-tears".  I'm talking about parents here :)

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  • read 25% more  
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Read On!  We are cheering for you :)

Deborah and Randy Scott