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English Decoder is UN-questionably the best thing to happen to phonics this century.  The creator, Deborah Scott, has used scientifically backed principles (Hannah study and Abbot study 2000) to give us a new angle on teaching children to read and think effectively. 

With the revolutionary new rules in English Decoder your student can be reading on their own by the 10th lesson and reading at a high school level by age 10.

 English Decoder is founded on three, study-backed basics:

  •  Sound- based reading rules with word placement clues
  • Building large verbal vocabularies
  • Guided oral reading

These key factors have been proven over and over to accelerate reading in children of all ages. In fact, word placement cues have been known to improve reading rules by 75% since 1966.  This fact has been confirmed many times over since then. Amazingly English Decoder is still the only reading program to build them into their learning tools.  Make a change for the better, buy English decoder. 

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This family is overjoyed. Their son read solo after lesson 9. 

(English was not even their first language!)

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Our program here is called English Decoder because it quite literally cracks the code! It is 25% more accurate than any rules available AND there are fewer rules to learn.

It works for any student, even when nothing else does. Easily works for English as a second language readers. That's guaranteed.

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