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 See for yourself  This little guy is only on lesson 6.

6 Year Old Sounds Out Two Syllable Words

Many children read on their own by lesson 10

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This family is overjoyed. Their son read solo after lesson 9. 

(English was not even their first language!)

See more students and their test scores

How did that happen?

Over and over studies found 3 things improved phonics results. 

  1. phonics rules with word placement clues
  2. large verbal vocabularies
  3. guided oral reading

These ideas are incorporated through: 

  1. One page lessons. With word placement clues.
  2. Lots of out loud reading
  3. Reading over the students shoulder to help with hard words. This is guided oral reading. 

Our program here is called English Decoder because it quite literally cracks the code!  It works for any student, even when nothing else does. Easily works for English as a second language readers. That's guaranteed.

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  • read 25% more  
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Deborah and Randy Scott

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